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Photo: P! Magazine MBFW 2017 / Label: Dalaleo
verfasst von Nancy Schmidt

EcoBags & EcoDesign made in Brasil with aluminum pull tabs from recycled cans. „Upcycling is chic not cheap!“

Luisa Leonardi Scomazzoni’s, known by everyone as “Leo”, passion for the fashion world was born by chance while travelling in Brazil. There she was struck by the ingeniousness of a lady and by the possible several uses of the material she was working with: the cans’ pull tabs. The aluminum is the material the pull tabs are made of, is immortal and always transforming. What yesterday used to be a pot, today is a can and tomorrow will be a smart evening clutch.

This encounter and Leo’s desire to help her express her talent outside the „favela“ where she had been living in, made her realize what, at that time, she did not know she possessed. That moment was the beginning of her exciting adventure in the fashion world.

The brand was then created in 2007 with a 15 styles collection. They were bags and accessories made with aluminum pull tabs from recycled beer cans. This material, which apparently does not seem useful any longer, returns to life in a different way. It is thanks to the synergy of the precious hand work of talented Brazilian ladies on one side and on the other side of the Leo’s – the designer – creative talent.

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Nancy Schmidt

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