IMONI Showroom – Cocktail Party & Fashion Show

During Paris Fashion Week, IMONI SHOWROOM PARIS present the cocktail party & fashion show with different labels.

Theo  Renaissance Man, the irresistible Theo Dekan and Oksana Denis, concluded the inevitable in 2014: they are to launch the THEO contemporary women’s wear and accessories fashion brand to further the field of artistic expression of its multi-talented trailblazing creator.

Rieka Inoue Gnu RIEKA INOUE GNU is best described as a seamless blend of cool, vintage, and glamour. The dresses are designed to speak for themselves and appeal to a more classic, retro sensibility. The designer was recently awarded the „Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix“ (2016)

Andrew Majtenyi Andrew Majtenyi gets his inspiration from the textures, colour and feel of the fabric. He apprenticed under master tailor Vincenzo Cardone and gained knowledge in late 19th and 20th century tailoring, whereas Madame Sophie taught him advanced draping techniques, and honed his couture skills while working with the National Ballet of Canada, under Oscar nominated and Tony award winner, Santo Loquasto.

Couture de fleur Every little girl dreams about her own Wonderland with beautiful flowers, amazing creatures and unreal landscapes. Olena Onufriv, famous Ukrainian painter and Inna Katushchenko, the head of the big publishing house in Ukraine, who are the co-founders of Couture de Fleur brand, have achieved their childhood dreams with their brand, with which every woman can feel part of an amazing Wonderland!

ANNAGIULIA FIRENZE ANNAGIULIA Firenze is born in 2016 by an idea of Giulia, designer and art lover. The brand also includes the name of one of Giulia’s sisters, Anna, extremely creative and intuitive. She created the brand with ethereal femininity and an international spirit entirely hand sewn in Florence using only Made in Italy textiles.

 MOVE MOVE Womenswear means classic sophistication. They create clothing for modern and artsy-intellectual women. The distinctive features of their works are hand painting, handcraft and high quality finishing of garments. They create clear garment lines, yet with a twist and a harmonious combination of colors, elements and decorations.

Rebeka Rodzvel Rebeka Rodzvel is a Puerto Rican shoe designer. Rebeka Rodzvel shoes are designed for women of all ages who are full of ambition and feel they have a unique contribution to the world. Rebeka intent is to offer styles with a high sense of sophistication, timelessness and unique design details that capture the attention. Her shoes are entirely hand-made in Milan, Italy

sheme The original Chinese ladies‘ shoes brand, Sheme, interprets and inherits Chinese culture, creating the unique art of walking. Bearing a soul of craftsman, Sheme seeks inspiration from traditional Chinese culture and puts forward recreation after deconstruction, forging its artistically unique footwear by integrating fashion design with world-class shoe-making craftsmanship.

IMONI STOCKHOLM IMONI came about on an Arctic day in Stockholm, in 2005. Designed and inspired by Konstfack – The Uni of Art – from early on, it reflects the cool styles of Swedes, with a touch of colour and fun. Led by Moni Rab, the founder, today it makes leather goods and fur accessories our of the ordinary.

HANS SCHWARZ Hans Schwarz is a worthy descendent of four generations of artisan furriers, in Frankfurt, Germany. His forefathers had created the company in1947 in Frankfurt, the European center of the fur industry. He is passionate user of natural materials of excellence and of authenticated origin translating into a sustainable design. Hans Schwarz’s signature is in making fur into super lightweight, wearable garments.

AKÈNE Akène’s ambition is to propose always something new, surprising and unexpected. Her collections have a strong image, which contributes to the development of the brand. She is inspired by sportswear and creates new fabrics with unique aesthetic proprieties. The brand is for people who want to push the barrier, who are not afraid to wear something that they never saw.

LIFE FORMULA LIFE FORMULA started with thoughts about the ways of life. Clothing, food and shelter are the foundations of the life, and considering which clothes to put on is also a matter of how to live on this life because wardrobes expresses the philosophy of the very wearer. They aim to lead their customer’s lifestyle, though clothing and with the hope that clothing can set the wearer’s body and mind freer.

Sharline Sharline is born in 2010 with the idea of producing handbags with bovine leathers with classic and timeless design. One day, while traveling the president of Sharline had a vision of a lady carrying a beautiful crocodile handbag and enchanting everyone around her. At that moment, he knew everything in his company was about to change and he refocused on making precious luxury leather bags.

PIKAGOS Peacock symbolizes nobility and attractive women. . Peacock became an icon which represents heavenly beauty and deep wisdom. Always awake nobility. Pikagos!

ALY SHEA Munich. Traditional craftsmanship meets the modern spirit of a young designer: The label „Aly Shea“ founded in 2015 by Alessandra Shea Elkins brings the artisan‘s art back to life. Truly a piece made with love!

NATALIA GART Natalia Gart Fashion House was founded in 2014 and it has already gained public respect and a great reputation. Combining demi-couture dresses and ready-to-wear line of clothes, the Natalia Gart team uses only high quality pure fabrics, handwork embroidery and unique designer prints while embracing its creativity. The Natalia Gart brand mission is to create clothes that would accentuate woman’s individuality and to help compose a matching, stylish wardrobe.

Inuñez IÑUNEZ aims to unite contemporary and universal sensibility with traditional Spanish couture, using high quality European materials. Their modernity is based on the aptitude to adapt ancient skills to trendy cuts and combinations of fabrics, vivacious colors and textures, with a pure result and a temporal feeling that enhances the figure and the natural elegance of their clients.

DAFNA MAY Dafna May is a womenswear brand established in 2016 in Ukraine by the graduate of Regent’s University in London – Dafna Mayberg. The short name of the designer’s surname “Mayberg” – May – symbolizes the most beautiful month of the spring and in the same time the philosophy of the brand: freshness, brightness and innocence.




Friday, 3rd March, 2017: 9.00-19.00

Saturday, 4th March, 2017: 9.00-19.00

Sunday, 5th March, 2017: 9.00-19.00

Monday, 6th March, 2017: 9.00-18.00




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