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Lipault was founded by François and Karine Lipovetsky, leatherware merchants in Rue de Vaurigard who were tuned in to current fashions and created their own luggage products. It all began with a serendipitous event when the couple decided on a whim to respond to a call for tenders by Air France. This was 1999. The airline company wanted to create its own line of products. Knowing the luggage industry and what its customers liked, the Lipovetskys came up with some quick sketches. Air France was impressed by their confidence. The Lipovetskys were an instant success but felt hamstrung by the Group’s constraints. In 2005, the two creatives launched their own brand. And Lipault was born. They opened their first shop in Paris, then two, then three, then another in Strasbourg, in corners of large retailers.

From handbags to travel bags, briefcases and suitcases, in less than 10 years Lipault has established itself as THE colourful Paris luggage brand. Its recent merger into the Samsonite Group has really boosted its brand development on three continents by opening shops and sales outlets, and resellers proliferating. Through Samsonite, this small SME has found great continuity and the most innovative and lightweight materials for its products that are now in quality testing at the Group. To retain its reputation for fashionable Parisian style, the international design, marketing and development teams have been substantially strengthened and all remain based in Paris at Samsonite France’s headquarters. With this takeover, Lipault gains Samsonite’s expertise, know-how, and innovation techniques.

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