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MR.BOHO Sunglaces

MR.BOHO was born in 2013 from the creativeness, will and eagerness of a young, professional team which thought that they might have something to say in the fashion industry. The idea was simple.

The name of young Italian label, MR.BOHO, perfectly sums up its dedication to creating accessories with a touch of retro personality. Wayfarer and oval sunglasses deliver classic references in today’s shades. evelop quality products at affordable prices, and provide them with an own personality.

MR.BOHO sunglasses are style revivals that give you hipster cred in time for the festival season. You’ll be seeing round and oval frames on the stage as well as in the crowd. MR.BOHO sunglasses merge high-quality protective lenses with high-fashion shades in classic Wayfarer and oval frames.

In order to achieve so, MR.BOHO looks for the mix of simple, basic lines, classic references and particular elements that can provide our products with that touch of distinctiveness that we seek. MR.BOHO gives you the tools and gathers all of you who share a common cosmopolitan, curious attitude. But, despite that, you are the only ones in charge to show what you are and your way of seeing life and the world around you.


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