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The original Chinese ladies‘ shoes brand, Sheme, interprets and inherits Chinese culture, creating the unique art of walking. Bearing a soul of craftsman, Sheme seeks inspiration from traditional Chinese culture and puts forward recreation after deconstruction, forging its artistically unique footwear by integrating fashion design with world-class shoe-making craftsmanship.


Established in 2008, sheme is a luxury footwear brand, persisting in handmade and original design. Ten yars they spent in search of best materials, traditional artisans, and shoemaking masters worlwide before beeing ready to establish the brand. 

Sheme adapts traditionel Italien handmade techniqes together with original designs. To create pieces accurately dedicated to enhance woman´s beauty with the maximum comfort, achieving the unique *ART OF WALKING* . 

Founder was Linda Liu, created shoes in high quality, wearable, beautyful and often dramatic …

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Nancy Schmidt

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