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Wonderlands goal is to be recognised as the Sustainable Male Underwear Brand.

Planet Products – Wonderlands’ products are made, in its majority, by organic (organic cotton – GOTS) or recycled fabrics. The recycled fabric is made out of 25% polyester (recycled from PET-plastic bottles) and 75% recycled cotton (recycled from spare parts of other manufactures). Using this material to produce underwear made Wonderlands the first of its kind.

Packaging – Concepts for packaging are not only based on recycled materials but also on reusability. That entails that packaging concepts are required to have a further use to customers. Since launch, Wonderlands’ packaging is made out of recycled paper and contains rocket/rucula seeds. In this way, customers receive the product in a package that can be planted and will grow into rocket/rucula salad in around 60 days. Wonderlands Products and Packaging are “PETA-Approved Vegan” certified since August 2105, making the brand the World’s first (and only) underwear brand to carry the PETA label People Wonderlands business model specifies that a percentage of all sales must be donated to NGOs. During the purchase process, customers choose one NGO (out of a few choices) to receive this donation. This ensures that donations are made to causes which customers are interested in and therefore ensuring that Wonderlands social contributions efforts are directed by end customers. NGOs, on the other hand, are required, after receiving the donation, to provide customers (as long as customers have not specified that the donation must be made anonymously) with the achievements for the combined donation for the period. The process, called „THE CYCLE“, aims to bring transparency to customers that (1) the chosen NGO has received the allocated funds from Wonderlands and (2) how the funds have been used.

Wonderlands is the first private company to have (worldwide) a Charitable Partnership Agreements with DOCIP (Secretariat of the United Nations – Indigenous Peoples Rights) as well as with FSD (Foundation Suisse de Deminage). Further Charitable Partnership Agreements with ADES (Association pour le Développement de l’Energie Solaire Suisse – Madagascar), The Hunger Project (Das Hunger Projekt – Schweiz) and Movember Foundation are also in place. On 31st December 2016, Wonderlands reported to have (a) supported Indigenous Peoples to defend their Human Rights, (b) protected 48,825m2 of tropical forests in Madagascar, (c) cleared 110,598m2 of land from mines and explosives remnants of war, (d) empowered 463 people to end their own hunger and (e) supported Men’s Health.

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